Transportation for the Mobility Impaired

Since its founding in 1993, Orzion has specialized in helping people with mobility impairments to travel safely and comfortably to all their destinations, made possible thanks to its new fleet of vehicles for transporting the wheelchair-bound.

Our Vision

For Orzion, inclusion is a supreme value. In this era of inclusiveness, with its efforts to enable people with special needs to maintain an ordinary routine of life, we at Orzion are proud to have spearheaded disabled-accessible transportation and to have become Israel’s leading company in the field.

The Company’s Vehicles

Our vehicles are equipped with safety features and other special equipment making it possible to drive the mobility impaired in the safest and most comfortable way, and in accordance with the strictest standards.

  • Every vehicle is equipped with an electric lift to make it possible to raise wheelchairs safely into the vehicle.
  • Our lifts are suitable to every type of wheelchair, including motorized wheelchairs.
  • The vehicles are equipped with a safety kit suitable to all types of passengers and harnesses to anchor the wheelchair to the vehicle.
  • The company’s fleet included vehicles that can transport the wheelchair bound as well as others, so that all passengers are seated together to enjoy an optimal travel experience.

Our Drivers

Orzion’s drivers have a great deal of experience in driving the mobility impaired and have undergone special training in the field, in accordance with the strictest standards.

Professionalism, responsibility, sensitivity to the passengers’ special needs, and attention to their unique demands are an inseparable part of our service ethos. 

The Travel Experience

We ensure an optimal travel experience. Orzion’s vehicles, equipped with advanced multimedia systems and WiFi connection, are uniquely designed to seat the wheelchair bound and the other passengers together for shared enjoyment of the landscape and the travel experience.


Among our clients are dozens of public and private companies enjoying professional, courteous, friendly service meeting international standards. The supreme value of the company’s management and drivers is to provide optimal service to the mobility impaired and to play a role in their full inclusion in society.

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