Orzion Transporation and Couriers Ltd. was founded in 1993 with the goal of becoming an industry leader. It has always made excellence of service, safety, and comfort its top priorities.

We specialize in providing transportation to tourists, the mobility impaired, travel and transport in armored vehicles, and more.

In addition, our company provides many other services: sports for the disabled, services to the private and business sectors, travel by exclusive VIP vehicles, transportation for special education students, refrigerated transport, and secure courier services in armored vehicles.

We provide services to a vast range of customers representing various sectors (government, public, and business) and tailor our solutions to our customers’ changing needs.


Orzion employs only skilled and certified personnel to provide optimal responses to our customers’ needs, which we then identify, plan, and implement, while making sure to meet the highest standards of safety and excellence of service.

The Planning Department

Our professional transportation coordinators control and supervise the execution of the task until it is complete while remaining accessible to the customer throughout.

The Vehicle Department has a Vehicle Officer and Traffic Safety Officer who must ensure the vehicles are in good working order, train drivers on the basis of traffic regulations, and hold professional training sessions, as well as undertake monthly vehicle and driver inspections.

We employ veteran drivers who have attended training sessions for the specific vehicles they drive (armored vehicles, vehicles for the mobility impaired, etc.) while emphasizing passenger safety and comfortable travel.


Our new fleet meets our customers’ changing needs and affords a first-rate travel experience. Orzion provides a rapid response to every need.

The company’s vehicles are equipped with advanced technological systems, including a fleet management system that provides real-time data on the vehicle’s location and tracks the driver’s conduct. We always strive to maintain our high standards of safety and comfort so that we can make every trip enjoyable and relaxing for our customers.


The dynamic Reservations Department, accessible around the clock, provides optimal service to all our customers, who can place an order and receive an initial cost estimate on the company’s website. Our Reservations Department will also provide professional consulting and optimal planning for maximal savings and efficiency.


Government ministries: Environmental Affairs Ministry, Homeland Security Ministry, Finance Ministry, Negev Development Ministry | Local government: Hod Hasharon Municipality, Alfei Menasheh Local Council, Kokhav Ya’ir-Tzur Yigaal Local Council | Public sector: Meuhedet HMO, Clalit HMO, Leumit HMO, National Insurance Institute, AKIM | Business sector: tourist agencies, The Israel Experience


For us at Orzion, excellent service is our number one priority. Our customers receive personal, comprehensive support from representatives who think creatively and flexibly to provide appropriate solutions on the spot and meet every need.

Our Customer Service Department is staffed by Customer Portfolio Managers, Coordinators, and Service QA Managers who provide our customers with the best service in the business.

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